Private Tuition

Find out more about my tuition services here at IELTS Singapore 

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About the Exam

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The 4 Tested Skills

Learn more about the 4 tested skills in the Test.

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Taking Tuition

If you want to do well in this English test, you would most probably need to take tuition. Two areas in the Writing and Speaking the prevent students from achieving their desired grades are the Vocabulary and the Grammar components. Unless you have someone to correct your mistakes, you'd be repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Here in this school in Singapore, I have taught many students - by correcting their mistakes, they have been able to improve their results.

In a class setting, the teach has no time to give you individual attention. Therefore, you will not really get your mistakes corrected.

With a private tutor, you'll get personal attention and be able to correct your mistakes and improve in your grammar and vocabulary.

That's why having a private tutor may be expensive, but it's the fastest and best way to improve and achieve the grades you need for your exam here.